Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 8

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 8

Read Luke 8.  Commentary – This is a chapter that can be summarized as Jesus upsets the status quo.  He takes what is familiar and seemingly out of humanity’s control – how things grow, a demon possessed man, a hemorrhaging woman, a dying girl – and he turns the tables on this.  He proclaims the Kingdom of God, and encounters them all.  And in that encounter, everything transforms.

Let us pray.  Transforming God, the status quo is no match for you.  We may buy into the belief that things can’t change.  We may settle for the way things are and believe that we can’t do anything.  We may resign ourselves to a broken world, with broken people living in broken systems.  But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.  And you show us how it can and will be different.

Today I pray for those who perpetuate systems that maintain brokenness.  Why do some do this?  I don’t know.  Is it an expectation that the world can’t improve?  Is it some broken idea that only a handful deserve a better life?  I don’t know.  Open their hearts to know that you transform all.  And open me to see the brokenness for what it is and inspire me to act.  Let your kingdom come.  Amen.

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