Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 9

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 9

Read Luke 9.  Commentary – Very interesting things are taking place in this chapter.  Things that don’t seem to be related to one another.  The underlying theme though is summed up in two passages of this chapter – Herod’s perplexity of who Jesus is and Jesus asking his disciples, “But who do you say that I am?”  Everyone wants to know who Jesus is – he’s doing exorcisms, transfiguring, feeding the multitudes, and more.  Who is this Jesus?  And what does he want?

Let us pray.  God who is, you often leave us perplexed.  Yet, you also tell us exactly who you are and what you are about.  Why is it that we doubt you when you tell us though?  Jesus tells his disciples what was to happen to him.  Yet they didn’t get it.  It is no surprise that we often miss it too.

Today I pray for those who are figuring out who Jesus is – both those who don’t really want to know Jesus and those that are seeking to become his disciples.  It’s the same question, yet the purpose of the question leads to far different paths.  Open our hearts to follow you when you call us.  Amen.

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