Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 10

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 10

Read Luke 10.  Commentary – Being sent and rejoicing.  That’s what comes out of this chapter.  70 disciples are sent out in to the world to proclaim the Good News, to rebuke demons, and more.  When the disciples return, they rejoice.  Jesus rejoices too.  Amidst the sending and rejoicing, there is conflict too – in the form of the Good Samaritan parable and Jesus’ visit with Martha and Mary.

Let us pray.  God of sending, you send us out like sheep among wolves.  You send us out to proclaim Good News.  You send us out to rebuke the demons of our world – things that have a firm grip on people.  You send us out rejoicing.  And what do we find?  Conflict, suffering, hunger, and more.  How the world needs Good News.

Today I pray for those who are unwilling to face the truth.  When confronting Jesus about who is his neighbor, the Scripture lawyer gives a technically correct answer.  But he misses the point.  He can’t bring himself to name the person who is most neighbor like.  He can’t bear to see the humanity.  Soften the hearts of those who refuse to see the humanity of others.  And work on me too – open my eyes to see the image of God, especially with those I disagree with.  Amen.

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