Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 11

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 11

Read Luke 11.  Commentary – Perseverance, prayer, accusations, spirits, light, arguments.  these are the descriptives of this chapter.  Jesus perseveres through it all.  He is accused of being with the devil.  Those around him demand signs.  Yet, would they believe even with a sign?  It is doubtful.  Instead, as we are told in verse 54 they would be “lying in wait for him, to catch him in something he might say.”

Let us pray.  God of light, you are the light that the world needs.  In that light, you show who you are and who we are too.  You light the way.  You expose sin and brokenness.  Wipe our eyes so that we may see you clearly.  Open our hearts so that we can be warmed by the light.

Today I pray for those who try to trap people and for those who have already made up their minds regardless of what is presented.  Why ask for signs, or facts, or data, or anything else, when those asking aren’t really interested in what they are?  Why do these insist on twisting sings and the truth for their own purposes?  Release them from the captivity of wanting to be right and in control.  Release me also from darkness so that I may see the image of God in each person – especially those that I am frustrated with for their hard heartedness.  Amen.

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