Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 13

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 13.

Read Luke 13.  Commentary – Parables.  This chapter has many parables – all short, but to the point.  The other significant part of this chapter is Jesus’ lament over Jerusalem – the city that kills prophets.  I wonder what parables Jesus is trying to tell us these days.  Do we have ears to hear and eyes to see though?  Or are we more concerned with being in control, like those who criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabbath?

Let us pray.  Holy Lord, why are we so thick and slow to get what you tell us?  You make things pretty clear in what we are to do, yet so often, we make excuses for why we ignore you.  You present a door to us – a way to go.  But often, we want to discover our own way. Why?

Today I pray for those that are more worried about control than seeing the humanity of the people around them.  What is it that is so alluring about thinking we are in control? The reality is, we never really have complete control.  Help people to let go of the idea and desire to be in control – especially when we try to control others.  Open me to seeing when I try to exert control over others.  Help me to let go of this desire.  Change me to empower others. Amen.

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