Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 14

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 14.

Read Luke 14.  Commentary – The setting is a party.  Not just any party though.  It’s the party at the house of a leader of the Pharisees.  And Jesus is up to his old tricks – curing people on the Sabbath and telling stories the make the guests uncomfortable.  All this leads to Jesus talking about the cost of discipleship.  Yes, discipleship is costly – very costly.  Oh how we would prefer Jesus to just be friendly, rather than costly.

Let us pray.  God of the feast, you send out your servants to gather in your people.  So often we have excuses though.  What could be more important than you though?  Somehow we think our stuff is more important.  We think we are more important.  We think we are the hosts.  But that is not even close.  We are mere guests – lucky to be invited.

Today I pray for those who think they are the host in life.  Are they in for a surprise?  Lower the guard of these people.  Let them see that you are the host and you invite us all in to your party.   Change me also so that I do not think too much of myself or enjoy hearing myself too much.  Shift my focus onto you.  Amen.

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