Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 15

Advent Daily Prayer Challenge – Day 15

Read Luke 15.  Commentary – Parables.  This is a chapter of parables.  There are two audiences – those that are sinners and know it, and those that think they are better than the known sinners and think they are sinless.  The parables are directed at both groups and have something for each of them.  Jesus offers stories that are filled with release, finding the lost, and embracing those that repent, and showing what “I am better than you” attitudes lead to.  Let us hear Jesus’ stories and act accordingly.

Let us pray.  God who seeks out the lost.  We are lost often.  Thank you for searching for us unceasingly.  Thank you for welcoming us when we come to our senses and repent.  Thank you for sending your Spirit to radically reorient us.  Open us to being turned back to you.

Today I pray for the people who are like the elder son in the parable of the prodigal son.  Arrogance surrounds him and runs through him.  He can’t even bring himself to say the prodigal is his brother.  Why?  When we stop seeing those closest to us as people, we have real problems and we are the problem.  Open the eyes of these blind so that they may see the image of God in those around them – especially those they deem less than themselves.  Open me to see the image of God in those who are arrogant.  I have a tough time with this Lord.  A very tough time.  My heart wants them to fall on their face.  My heart wants them to experience karma.  But karma isn’t what you offer.  You offer grace and mercy.  You offer an invitation to be a part of your kingdom and family.  How we respond to that invitation says a lot. Amen.

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