Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 16

Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 16.

Read Luke 16.  Commentary – Wealth.  This a chapter on money.  Jesus loads us up with a richness of parables about the dangers of wealth.  Verses 10-13 have Jesus speaking directly about wealth.  “You cannot serve God and wealth.”  The parable of the dishonest manager can be confusing.  But the context is important.  The parable is about unjust contracts that those with money and influence forced on others.  It’s not about gaining wealth dishonestly.  It’s about bringing accounts to a truthful level.  It’s about ending exploitation.  It’s about the breaking in of the Kingdom of God.

Let us pray.  God of the exploited, you do not like exploitation and oppression.  You make that clear.  You do not like those in power using that power against others.  You also make that clear.  Why do we so often look to money and power with great esteem?  Why do we assume that those with money and power are always on the right track?  Money and power are just tools to be used to carry out your will.  Blessings on those who do your will.

Today I pray for a person with wealth and power.  I pray that they would listen to you and your call to care for the least of these in their midst.  I pray that they would use their wealth and power to assist in bringing about the kingdom of God and all that it stands for.  And Lord, I pray that while I don’t have wealth or power, you may use me as an instrument in your kingdom.  Continue to wipe my eyes clear so that I may see clearly the image of God in those who are not like myself.  Amen.

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