Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 18

Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 18.

Read Luke 18.  Commentary – Wow.  What a chapter.  This may be one of the most misunderstood chapters in Luke.  We begin with the parable of the unjust judge.  Too often, we hear people associate the judge with God.  Rather, Jesus is telling a story that the people would have been familiar with in their life – an unjust judge.  We hear another parable people would have been familiar with – a Pharisee and a tax collector.  We hear about disciples pushing away children.  We hear about a rich man who is sad when told he is to give all his possessions away.  These parables aren’t told in isolation.  This chapter is about the powerful making rules that oppress and are unjust and how Jesus turns the tables.  The widow receives justice, the tax collector is justified, the children are welcomed, the blind man has his sight restored.  This is Jesus righting the world that has wronged so many.

Let us pray.  God who turns the tables, thank you.  Thank you for not accepting unjust and oppressive systems.  Thank you for not just accepting inhuman status quos.  You see what happens.  You name the evil.  And you upend it in order to restore a right order in the world.  You are the fulfillment of the prophet’s desires and proclamations.  Thank you.

Today I pray for those who value their privilege over others’ humanity.  Why do we do this?  In doing so, these people also devalue themselves.  But do they see it?  Do they know?  Do they care?  End unjust systems, as you have been doing throughout history.  Restore creation to your perfect order.  When I desire privilege, confront me.  Remind me that I have no privileges on my own.  That I am no different than any other human who has ever existed.  And when I am privilege, compel me to use it for the benefit of those around me without the privilege I have.  Amen.

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