Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 21

Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 21.

Read Luke 21.  Commentary – The end is drawing near.  Or is it just the end of the beginning?  Jesus exposes the exploitation of an oppressive temple system that takes a widows last penny, he foretells of the destruction of that system, he warns about false messiahs, and exhorts his hearers to be alert.  It’s easy to read this and think it was only for a certain people at a certain time.  But what systems of exploitation exist around us today?  Who are the false messiahs in our midst?  And should we not also be alert?

Let us pray.  God of truth, you give us words – words that expose evil, words that warn us of false messiahs and false gospels that lead to death, and words that exhort us to be alert.  Oh how we need to hear these words today.  Open our ears to actually hear them and turn us towards you.

Today I pray for an end to systems that exploit.  I pray that false messiahs may be exposed for who they are.  Open people’s eyes to see and ears to hear.  Cleanse our hearts  from the desire to hear the true Gospel – the only one that gives actual hope.  Amen.

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