Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 24

Daily Advent Prayer Challenge – Day 24.

Read Luke 24.  Commentary – A chapter unlike any of the previous ones.  After we spent chapter after chapter in conflict with authorities, with those who exploit and oppress, with those who find ways to go against Jesus, this chapter takes on a different tone.  It is a pivot chapter.  Yes, the last chapter pivots us from what happened in the first 23 chapters.  And with the conclusion of the Gospel of Luke, we pivot to what happens after the Gospel – life, history, callings of so many unnamed disciples who follow Jesus.  In short, you and I.

Let us pray.  God of holy pivots, your story doesn’t end.  It merely pivots in ways that we don’t suspect.  But should we really be surprised?  Maybe.  Why should we be surprised that your ways are not our ways.  They are better.  More hopeful.  Encounter us and set our hearts on fire, like you did with the disciples.  The beauty of this chapter is that the conflict ended.  Not by avoiding conflict in favor of some false peace.  Rather, you present a different reality – a reality that is outside of the realm of those seeking power and wielding it to oppress and exploit.  They are not legitimate and have no role in the story – no role in the unfolding of the kingdom of God.  Thank you.

Today I pray for the faithful remnant.  Good news lifts up the faithful.  Oh how the faithful need good news.  The faith need an alternate to the powers that be and their systems that exploit and oppress, kill and destroy.  Those have no place in your kingdom Lord.  We look forward to the time in which your kingdom is fully unfolded, when justice is restored, when the oppressed are set free, when the exploited experience shalom.  In short we look forward to your coming and encountering us and changing the world for good.  Use us as your instruments to bring about this change in instituting a new reality.  A better reality.  A reality that is hopeful.  A reality that is no longer seen as an alternative, but as the norm.  Amen.

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