Prayer for January 7, 2020

Prayer for January 7, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of new beginnings, we have just entered the time after Epiphany.  It is a season in which you are made manifest.  Who you are is revealed to us in many ways.  It is also a time in which we are revealed for who we are too.  Namely, we aren’t you.  Rather, we are sinful creatures who struggle with our egos.  We think we are better – better than others, better than you.  We think we know – know more than others, know more than you.  Our reality is far different.  We don’t like to hear this.  That’s just too bad though, isn’t it?  Cleanse us from our sinfulness.   Open our eyes to see our sinfulness and also to see your love, grace, and mercy.  You shower us with these things not because we deserve it, but rather, because it is who you are.  It is a part of your very nature.  Thank you.  Transform us to see your love, grace, and mercy in our lives and to share these with others – all others, whether those others are our family and friends or if they are our enemies and those that we would rather not see at all.  Amen.

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