Prayer for January 8, 2020

Prayer for January 8, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of love, come to us.  Wait!  Scratch that.  You are already here.  Why is it so difficult for us to see that and know that?  What is it that we expect you to look like?  The world seems to be drowning in violence and we think that you are absent.  How foolish.  You don’t abandon the world when violence rears it head.  No, you come and stand in the midst of it, without fear.  You come and mourn with those who suffer loss as a result of violence.  You come and walk with those who make the costly choice of love over violence.  You come and die with us because you love us so very much.  You come and stir up life, just to spite violence and death and let them know that they are not in charge and do not have the final say.  Open our eyes to see you and your love in action in the world.  Open our ears that we may hear you, your Word, and your love around us.  Open our hearts that they may be filled with your love so that we may share that love with all around us.  Empty us of fear and hatred and the desire to cling to violence.  Cleanse us of wanting to kill and destroy our enemies.  Force us to see the humanity of our enemies and how they are created in your image too.  Amen.

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