Prayer for January 15, 2020

Prayer for January 15, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who abides with us, make your home in us.  You are a God who comes to where we are.  You came to the Adam and Eve in the garden and walked with them.  You came to the prophets in a variety of ways.  You came incarnate as Jesus and pitched your tent with us.  In Revelation we hear how you will come to renew creation and abide with the renewed creation and make your home among mortals.  Over and over again, you come to us.  Today we say a special prayer for those who are experiencing homelessness.  Be with them.  Keep them safe.  Give them shelter.  Give them what they need.  End systems that keep people in poverty.  Work through your disciples to be your presence with all in need.  Amen.

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