Prayer for January 22, 2020

Prayer for January 22, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of life, we lift up our very being to you.  You are God of our bodies and souls.  You infuse us with your spirit – a breath of life.    But why is that we struggle with how to be stewards of our bodies and souls?  Why is our focus on care for your creation only when we are sick?  You give us intelligence.  Prod us to use that intelligence to care for your creation – our bodies and souls.  Open our eyes to see that stewardship of our body is about proclaiming your Good News to all around us.  This isn’t a call to us to be perfect in the way that the world thinks our bodies should be.  You make us in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and that is good.  And at the same time, you call on us to be good stewards of what you give us in the best way possible for each of our bodies.  Change food systems, health care systems, mental health system and more to truly be oriented towards life and health.  Guide us towards thriving life so that we may be your hands and feet to those around us.  Amen.

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