Prayer for January 29, 2020

Prayer for January 29, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable, what shall we say?  Do we dare call on you to come to us?  Are we really open to what that means?  When you show up, lives are transformed.  But that transformation is costly.  It costs us the control we want to exert over our lives and over you.  It costs us our habits that we cling to.  It costs us our idols that we create and worship in place of you.  It costs us our possessions and money – the things we think we own but are actually tools you entrust to us to use for the building up of your kingdom.  Following you is costly – ultimately costing us our lives.  But your rate of return is immense.  The savings are greater than anything we could ever imagine.  Make us uncomfortable Lord.  That’s the only way that growth happens.  Make us uncomfortable with the injustices of the world – uncomfortable enough to act.  Make us uncomfortable with homelessness, hunger, lack of resources, broken relationships, mistrust, oppression, and exploitation.  Make us uncomfortable to the point that there is greater comfort in acting than in ignoring or turning a blind eye.  Not because we will be able to fix the problem, but because in our discomfort we’ll be able to hear you better, and see you and your image in those around us much clearer.  And in so doing, we’ll be better able to follow you into uncomfortable places and situations.  Amen.

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