Prayer for February 6, 2020

Prayer for February 6: Please pray with me.  Patient God, we need so much.  At least we think we do.  We encounter evil in the world and we worry.  We fear it. We don’t know what to do.  But you come to us and tell us not to be afraid.  Over and over again, in the face of evil, you show up and tell us not to be afraid.  You have outlasted many evils.  You have outlasted evil empires.  You have outlasted tyrants.  You have outlasts false gods.  You have outlasted humans bent on being gods.  Your ways are not our ways.  But your ways instill something in us that we could learn greatly – patience.  Over and again, we see that evil falls.  Patience doesn’t mean we just sit back and take it.  It doesn’t mean we succumb to the evil and give in to it.  Rather, you teach us patience in a different way – an active patience.  You call on us to follow you – to follow your ways of being.  You call on us to love our enemies and neighbors.  This isn’t passive.  It is the way you have chosen.  It is a patient way that rejects the legitimacy of evil and evil systems.  It is a way that rejects the ways of the world.  It is a way that leads to your Kingdom – not as some far off destination, but rather as what it means to be in the Kingdom now.  Love is patient.  Give us the patience we need to follow your will and not be frustrated that we do not see the results we think that should happen on our time frame.  It’s not for us to decide how and in what way your Kingdom unfolds.  Amen.

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