Prayer for February 12, 2020

Prayer for February 12, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of Good News, you come and proclaim Good News to us.  Why do we not expect this?  Why do we expect bad news?  Why do we anticipate it?  This isn’t a promise that everything will be just fine – as if we are hiding our head in the sand.  No, your Good News isn’t like that.  Your Good News tells us the reality of what we are going though.  It speaks to the pain in our life.  It acknowledges reality.  It calls the thing what it is.  It doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Rather, your Good News offers something different – that we will not be alone.  You promise to be with us.  That’s not something small.  That’s significant.  You walk with us in our pain and suffering.  You walk with us through injustice.  You walk with us when we are carrying our cross.  You walk with us because you know the pain we go through.  You’ve been there.  You walk with us because that’s what love is about.  You walk with us because more often than not, it allows us to see the real us that you see – to know what we are hiding and what we’re really made of.  Be with us in times of trial.  Be with us in times of evil.  Be with us in ways that you know we need you.  Amen.

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