Prayer for February 25, 2020

Prayer for February 25, 2020: Please pray with me. God who gives rest, I’m tired. I’m tired of encountering the idol of being right. This idol has a death grip on so much – so much of politics, on our social media, on our religions, on so many people. It’s a deadly idol that kills relationships. I’m tired of seeing and hearing your ways, O Lord, being dismissed because your ways don’t match with the beliefs we cling to, the false salvation that we seek. There is so much in this world that we don’t know. If only we would listen – listen for understanding, listen to hear the pain of the other. If only we would have eyes that could see – see the image of God in the other, see how our blind devotion to our beliefs and ideas and opinions are killing us. I’m tired Lord. I’m tired of people being so sure they are right, especially when they rationalize away what you tell us. I’m tired of people repeating the cultish rhetoric of politicians and political parties who only care about short sighted winning at all costs and obtaining power. I’m tired of people being willing to dehumanize others in order to be right. I’m tired of people’s politics consuming their identity. I’m tired Lord. There is no rest in this world when we place our hope and trust in politicians and political parties. There can never be any rest in them. There will always be another danger, enemy, opponent to fear and fight against. There will always be another issue to fight about. There will always be redemptive violence in word or deed that needs to be done. But in you, O Lord, we find rest. Your ways are not our ways – Thank you for that. Your ways are so much better. As St. Augustine said, we will not find rest, until we rest in you. Your ways are the ways of peace – not as an unattainable make believe destination – but as the actual way of life. Your ways are grace and mercy – getting what we don’t deserve and keeping use away from what we do deserve. Your ways are the ways of justice – for all people. That is what it means to love you and to love our neighbor. Your ways are the way of Sabbath – rest from producing and work – to be just being. Your ways are the ways of the Image of God. Yes, your ways are better than our ways. Why do we reject your ways, O Lord? Why do we fool ourselves into believing that we know better than you? Have we not failed enough in this venture? Have we not destroyed enough? Radically reorient us away from these ways – from the ways of partisanship, of blind loyalty to politicians and political parties, of literalism in religion, of fear, of anger, of an unwillingness to hear you and follow your ways because we don’t want to. I’m tired Lord. And I suspect there are many other who are just as tired. And don’t know what to do. Make us instruments of your peace. Make us instruments of your love. Give us the courage to pick up our cross and step forward. Give us the courage to die daily to ourselves so that we may know you, follow you, and receive your resurrected life. Amen.

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