Prayer for March 12, 2020

Prayer for March 20, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who calms the raging seas of life, we ask that you show up and calm the storms around us.  We are surrounded by fear, anger, panic, and scarcity.  But you are a God who keeps reminding us to not be afraid.  How easy those words come to us when everything is under control.  How easy it is for us to wave them away or make excuses for why they don’t apply in times of trouble.  Why must we be fair-weathered followers?  Do we really believe in you?  Or do we believe that we believe in you?  You are a God of abundance.  But that abundance often doesn’t show itself in ways that we expect.  You are a God who calms the storm.  But again, not in ways that we like.  Open us to your ways – knowing that your ways are not our ways.  Our minds are not like yours.  Change our hearts.  Let us go from panic and fear to trust in you.  That is scary for many.  But the alternative is far riskier.  Amen.

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