Prayer for March 18, 2020

Prayer for March 18, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who is the unchanging change, clear our eyes.  So many see disaster.  And it is there, for sure.  Pandemics are terrible.  Death is terrible.  And lives are being upended in ways we never thought possible.  And yet…What is that we see in the corner of our eye?  Something different.  Not disaster, but an opportunity.  In this moment, we are being forced to re-examine things – our lives, our families, our priorities, our health, our systems, our churches, our businesses, our relationships, our money, and more.  All at the same time.  What worked before doesn’t now.  What didn’t work can be let go without walking on eggshells around those attached to these ways.  Even in disaster, you bless us with opportunity Lord.  Opportunity to be encountered by you in new ways.  Opportunity to explore how to be church.  Opportunity to find new ways to be community.  Opportunity to discover how ministry can be done effectively.  Opportunity to create new systems that are healthy.  Opportunity to be truthful with ourselves about the impact our institutions and organizations are really making.  Was it just spin, full of excuses, and fake?  Or was transformation really happening?  It is in transformation that institutions and organizations can not only weather the storm, but also come out of it strengthened and ready to move forward.  Open our eyes to see the opportunity and embrace it.  Open our eyes to see the disaster and do what we can to mitigate it.  Open our hearts to receive you and encourage us to live the faith you give us.  Amen.

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