Prayer for March 26, 2020

Prayer for March 26, 2020: Please pray with me.  Cruciform God, you know what it means to suffer, to experience pain, to die.  In your incarnation, you became fully human and experienced the harsh reality of what it means to live in the flesh.  You showed us that you were willing to go all the way to death for the cosmos.  What kind of love is this?  It is foreign to so many that want a small god, a controlled god that fits into a box – a god that can be taken out when it is convenient.  And a god that can be put away when inconvenient.  Too many aren’t really interested in knowing you or following you.  Too many would rather have a small faith that doesn’t inconvenience them, doesn’t demand anything, that acts like a website that allows them to place an order and receive it.  But that is not who you are.  You are an incarnate God who gets in our face and life, who wants to be in relationship with us, who offers a way to live, and who expresses costly love.  You are a God who is all in and calls on us to be all in with God.  That is costly love. That is costly discipleship.  It is love that costs everything we have and are.  It is discipleship that costs us everything – even our very lives.  You call on us to die, so that resurrection can happen.  Not just at some point in a distant heaven, but now – in the place where we are.  We are called to die to self each day so that resurrected life can take its place.  Amen.

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