Prayer for March 30, 2020

Prayer for March 30, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of truth, open our eyes and hearts to your truth.  We tell ourselves lies.  Our vision is blurred by sin.  We listen to idols for how to live.  And their ways fail us.  But why do we keep listening to them?  Why do we turn our face away from you?  You are the way, the truth, and the life.  Yet, why do we not go running to you?  Why do we not see that you are the only real option?  I don’t know.  Radically reorient us towards you.  You desire to be in right relationship with us.  How amazing!  And after all of our turning away from you, you still seek us out – to draw us into your embrace.  Why?  The only glimpse of an answer I have is this – that you are love and love is so overwhelmingly amazing that it must be shared.  Not to consume us, but rather to expand who you are in and through us.  For us to be united with you.  Amazing.  Thank you.  Amen.

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