Prayer for April 3, 2020

Prayer for April 3, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of Shalom, oh how we desire your wholeness, your completeness, your tranquility.  But do we really?  We claim that we do. But that would mean we would have to give us some beliefs and ideas about what wholeness really means.  It would mean we’d have to love our enemy.  We’d have to make room for those we don’t like and don’t want to tolerate.  We’d have to be good stewards of all you give us including the earth.  We’d have to reject idols that we have a strong hold of.  We’d have to stop listening to false gods like money and partisan loyalty.  We’d have to be radically reoriented.  That’s impossible for us to do.  Thankfully, we can’t do it.  Only you can.  We are completely out of control in regard to this.  But you grace us with your Spirit.  You empower us to respond to the faith you give us.  You turn us towards you.  Turn us.  Give us the courage to stop blocking you and instead to be embraced by you.  Amen.

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