Prayer for April 7, 2020

Prayer for April 7, 2020:  Please pray with me.  God of life, you are the giver of life.  You are a God who overcomes death.  You are a God who tells us and shows us that death is not the end of the journey, but merely a stop on the journey.  Too often we fear our own mortality.   We fear death.  But over and over again you send messengers and you tell us yourself – Do not be afraid!  No wonder it has to be repeated to us so much.  Sin makes us think we are completely separate from you, from others, and from the rest of creation.  As if independence were actually possible – or desirable.  If we were truly independent, we would have no need to anyone or anything else.  How lonely that would be.  Instead, you show us that we are interdependent.  We need others.  Help us to show that need in loving ways and to serve one another.  Amen.

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