Prayer for April 13, 2020

Prayer for April 13, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of resurrection, you tell us over and over again – Do not be afraid.  Oh, how we need to hear that.  Too often we run into the arms of fear.  And when we are afraid, that’s when there is trouble.  When we are afraid, we succumb to darkness, and away from the light that we are called to be.  We think we will find comfort in ugliness.  But we don’t.  When we are afraid, we so desperately want someone to blame.  We need a scapegoat.  Who can we offer as a sacrifice for our troubles?  A foreigner?  The gays?  The poor?  The rich?  The left?  The right?  Businesses?  Activists?  The reality is that any scapegoat will do.  And yet…they won’t.  Which is why we keep coming up with more scapegoats.  Enough already though.  When will we see?  When will our eyes actually see that all scapegoats are the same?  When will we see that eventually we, ourselves, will become someone else’s scapegoat?  Enough!  Jesus has over come death and sin.  Jesus has put an end to the scapegoat system.  Enough!  Enough, all who claim to be followers of Jesus.  Stop looking for scapegoats.  Start looking for the Image of God.  Start loving your neighbor and your enemy.  Amen.

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