Prayer for April 28, 2020

Prayer for April 28, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of justice, you call on us to seek justice.  For some, this sounds like a call to some kind of partisan political loyalty – as if you, Holy God, are a member of a political party.   How ridiculous of a concept is that?  Your call to justice existed millennias before political parties were even imagined as something that could be.  Your call to justice existed well before humans sought power.  Your call to justice existed before our spin and excuses came into formation in the brains that you created for us.  Justice isn’t about political advantage.  That’s short sighted and minimizes what you are about.  Justice is about Shalom – wholeness of community, love of neighbor, righteousness, restoration, a new way of being.  Why would be minimize your call to justice to just some political bumper sticker?  Forgive us when we make you and your call small and pathetic.  Move us to be embraced by you and your call for our lives and society.  Amen.

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