Prayer for May 30

Prayer for May 30: Please pray with me. God of the hungry, yesterday many people celebrated with a great abundance of food.  Yet there are many in our land who lack basic nutrition.  Help us to see our hungry neighbor and give them food.  But not only food for their stomach Lord, but help to give what nourishes the whole person – love, care, mercy, and laughter – in short, dignity.  Amen.

Prayer for December 14

Prayer for December 14: Please pray with me.  In your words, you teach us to pray to ask for our daily bread.  Yes, Lord, give us our daily bread – our portion of food that we need to sustain life.  Give us good food that will nourish us and help us to thrive.  Give us enough food Lord that we can share it with those around us so that they may also experience abundant life.  So they may know what it means to thrive.  Feed us so we can feed others.  And in feeding them, help us to not just take care of the physical needs of our neighbors, but also feed their human worth and value – to know that they are seen, heard, loved, and cared for.  That they also feed us in knowing that there is hope for humanity.  Amen.

Prayer for March 24 – Maundy Thursday

Prayer for Maundy Thursday: Please pray with me. Lord who fills us, on this Maundy Thursday, the day you ate with your Apostles, we pray for the hungry, for those who don’t know where their next meal will come from and for those who don’t have much food. We pray that you fill their bellies and cupboards with enough and that you fill their souls with your grace and presence. We pray for those who prepare and serve food to others. Bless the hands that prepare and serve. And we pray for our enemies – those who would betray us or hand us over. We pray for ourselves – that you would give us the courage to forgive and love even these people. Amen.