Prayer for May 2

Prayer for May 2: Please pray with me. God who proclaims Good News, today we ask for an abundance of Good News.  There is just too much bad news that surrounds us each day – news that promotes division, hate, war, violence, and us vs. them.  Let your Good News be proclaimed from the roof tops Lord – we are desperate for it.  We need to hear life-giving news, thriving news, loving news, merciful news, peacemaking news, caring news.  Shout out your news for all to hear – from nations all the way to individuals. Amen.

Prayer for April 17

Prayer for April 17. Please pray with me. On this Easter Monday we continue to rejoice at your resurrection Lord.  Give us each a resurrection in our lives this day.  Show us how you have conquered death and brought about new life. Today we remember your promised to all of creation – that death does not have the final say, but that you do.  And you bring life.  Amen.

Prayer for April 6

Prayer for April 6: Please Pray with me. God of healing, today we raise up people and things that need healing.  So often we recognize the people who need healing, but there are so many others that need healing too.  Heal those pets in our lives that need your loving embrace.  Heal the plants that have had a rough Spring in the North.  Heal our stuff that we rely on to carry out your call for our lives.  Amen.

Prayer for April 4

Prayer for April 4: Please Pray with me. God of the oppressed, today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr, on the day of his assassination. Let his memory be a lamp on a hill to shine forth and testify to your saving power that will bring forth justice to all people.  Change our hearts and turn all away from violence.  And we pray for all who would oppress others, who cause harm to others, to take away others’ humanity, and who dehumanize others.  Help them to see that in doing these things to others, they also do them to themselves.  Amen.

Prayer for March 3

Prayer for March 3. Please pray with me. God whom we cling to, we pray for all those who reach out to you.  Help us to recognize that it is not they who are seeking and finding ultimately.  The reality is that you have sought and found us and sometimes our eyes are closed to seeing this.  Open our eyes to see that you are reaching out to us, grabbing us.  Open our hands to recognize that it is we who have been pushing you away.  Cradle us, comfort us, bring us back to you.  Amen.