Prayer for March 23

Prayer for March 23: Please pray with me. Today we pray for immigrants and refugees – guide them to safety and a place to call home where they can raise their families, work, and be in community with those around them in peace.  Help us recognize that on a certain level we are all moving from one place to another – sometimes out of fear, sometimes for adventure, sometimes for work, sometimes for love – bur regardless of the reason, turn us and stop us on our journey of life to see you pointing the direction for where we are headed.  Amen.

Prayer for March 17

Prayer of the Day. Please pray with me – Moving God, today we pray for immigrants, migrants, and all those who have moved from their homes whether through force of by their own choice. We pray that they may find a home in you. Just as St. Patrick moved from his home, we journey through life also, carrying your love, grace and word with us through each day to share with others as Good News. Amen.