Prayer for September 7

Prayer for September 7: Please pray with me. God who accomplishes all things, today we pray that we would let go of the need to be so very busy.  Help us to realize that all that needs to be accomplished has been accomplished.  Help us to see that our work is not something that advances our salvation, yet it is our call and vocation to participate in your mission to the world – to reconcile and restore creation’s relationship with you.  Amen.


Prayer for September 5

Prayer for September 5: Please pray with me. God who labors, today we pray for all who labor and toil. Bless their work and keep them safe. Remind us that our vocation goes beyond the work that we do.  We aren’t just laborers Lord, we are called.  Our vocation is to be your hands and feet for all around us in the various roles that we carry through life. On this Labor Day in the USA, we thank you for the ability to work.  We thank you for a day to rest from our labors.  We thank you for the jobs that we have.  And we pray for all those who labor today, who are without employment yet seek it, who are underemployed.  Grant them what they seek Lord, if it be your will.  Amen.

Prayer for April 15

Prayer for April 15: Please pray with me. God of Sabbath, today we pray for tax accountants and tax preparers. These individuals have worked long and hard since the beginning of the calendar year.  Give them strength through these last days before the filing deadline to get the job done.  And once the deadline passes, give them rest for a job well done for their clients.  Amen.

Prayer for March 21

Prayer for today: Please pray with me. God, as we begin Holy Week, be with us and make our work holy – honoring you. Help us in our labors and remind us that our work is work and not our god. That our identity goes far beyond our job titles to something far more important – we are children of God. Amen.

Prayer for March 18

Prayer of the Day. Please pray with me – Working God, today we prayer for all who labor in all its forms, whether for money, for school credits, or for survival. You worked on creation God and when it was done, you rested. Today we ask for rest for the weary, the worn and the tired as they finish their work for the week. Amen.