Prayer for August 29

Prayer for August 29: Please pray with me. God of truth, today we pray for all students. Put them in environments where they can learn, where they can grow, where they can answer your call to be who they are meant to be.  Bless all students, teachers, administrators, cooks, janitors, drivers, parents, guards, and those who support the school system in any way.  We thank you for the opportunity and the capacity to learn.  Amen.


Prayer for April 19

Prayer for April 19:  Please pray with me.  Accompanying God, today we ask that you walk with us when we are uncertain.  As much as we would love to have a clear vision or voice from you of what we are supposed to do, we know that your ways are mysterious and beyond our ways.  Help us to dwell in the discomfort of uncertainty of life, of unanswered questions, raised concerns, and questioned assumptions.  Not for the sake of being uncomfortable, but rather so that we can wrestle with these things and gain a better understanding and insight into truth.  Help us to change our attitudes and beliefs to align with reality and your will for us.  And forgive us when we try to change reality and your will to our own wants and selfish desires.  Amen.

Prayer for April 13

Prayer for April 13: Please pray with me. Teaching God, today we pray for teachers – the people who we entrust so much responsibility with each day.  We entrust them with what we value the most – our children.  Today we ask that you give teachers everything they need to not only do their job, but also to be an example for students.  Give them wisdom to impart, patience, discernment, caring hearts, slow to anger and quick in praise.  Ease their burdens and less the paperwork and requirements forced on them so they can carry out what they are called to do – create an environment where students can learn about life and be prepared to live that life with a thirst to continue learning after formal schooling is over.  Amen.

Prayer for April 12

Prayer for April 12:  Please pray with me. God of wisdom, today we pray for students.  Guide them in their learning – not just to learn facts and figures and data, but to gain knowledge and wisdom.  Please be with all students as they take tests – that regardless of whether we support the tests being taken or not – our students know that we care deeply about them, support them, and love them.  Keep them calm, composed and focused, but also create opportunities, even in spite of the efforts of those in charge, where students can be still be children, can have fun and can run freely for a time.  God, we especially ask today that all people are reminded that learning should be fun and interesting, not boring.  Amen.