Prayer for September 1

Prayer for September 1: Please pray with me. God who is the Word, we pray that we would hear your word for what it is.  We pray that we would not try to twist it to make it into something that it is not.  Open our ears to hear the Law and Gospel that is present.  Open our ears also to hear when the Bible is used as a tool to divide and condemn.  Give us legs to run far away from this.  Open our hearts to hear your word and take it in and in so doing, change who we are.  Amen.


Prayer for August 8

Prayer for August 8: Please pray with me.  God of Love, who is love itself, we thank you for the love you have and give.  Help us to understand what love really is – it is not controlling, but freeing. It doesn’t judge, but accompanies.  It does not demand, but rather encourages.  Love is not conditional, but rather unconditional.  Allow us to experience this kind of love.  And in experiencing it – give us the courage to also give it to others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 31

Prayer for July 31: Please pray with me.  God whose kingdom reigns over all, we are told that the kingdom of heaven is like a ravaging weed that takes over a field.  We like to hear that, but do we really?  We want to jump up and down and cheer when we hear that God’s kingdom is taking over and taking down the powerful and oppressive.  We love to hear this.  But do we really realize that this change also applies to us and our lives?  How scary is that Lord?  You want to take over all aspects of our life?  You won’t settle for portions that we select?  You want it all?  But, but, but…The kingdom of heaven isn’t interested in selective voluntary portion control.  God wants the whole kit and caboodle.  Help us in our fear of what this means for our lives.  Help us to let go of controlling parts of our lives that we desperately want to hold onto.  Remind us that you have much better plans in store for us.  Help us to let go of control and to be embraced by you so that we can in turn embrace others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 27

Prayer for July 27: Please pray with me. God of creation, you call on us to be stewards of your creation – to care for it.  Help us to see that creation is yours.  Help us to learn ways to care for creation and to see that this is reasonable.  Open our eyes to see that in caring for your creation, we aren’t being extremists trying to get some kind of partisan political points, but instead, we are actually participating in the unfolding of the kingdom of God.  In Revelation 21 we hear how you will come down to earth to dwell with us here and renew and restore creation.  You love your creation.  Help us to be good stewards, not because it drives some kind of agenda, but instead because we aren’t escaping this place – you aren’t whisking us away and then destroying the earth.  Instead, you are restoring it and us too.  Let us participate in that restoration.  Amen.

Prayer for July 20

Prayer for July 20: Please pray with me. God who serves, teach us to serve humbly. You serve us through salvation – giving us something we don’t deserve.  Yet this is what love is all about.  Teach us to appreciate this gift and use it to serve those around us.  Amen.

Prayer for June 26

Prayer for June 26: Please pray with me. Holy God of all creation, today we pray for people of all faiths.  Help us to see each other as children of God, not bitter enemies that need to be destroyed and killed.  Help us to learn to listen to one another so we can live in peace.  Help us to be peaceful and graceful to our neighbors of different faiths and no faith at all.  Help us to live like you have taught us – to be peaceful to those around us regardless of their beliefs.  Amen.

Prayer for June 2

Prayer for June 2: Please pray with me. God who gathers us together, today we pray for all synods who gather together today.  Guide their discussions and deliberations.  Speak through their decisions and declarations. Bless all those who will be ordained and consecrated.  Help us to celebrate where your will is being unleashed.  Motivate us to step in the way of injustice where it is rolling freely.  Amen.