Prayer for August 17

Prayer for August 17: Please pray with me.  God of grace, be with all who are in need of your grace.  Open us to receive your grace.  Let us bath in your grace and mercy.  Let us be honest enough to admit that we need your grace.  As tough as we may think we are, we are all broken.  Walk with us, speak to us.  Love us.  Give us your grace.  Amen.

Prayer for August 7

Prayer for August 7: Please pray with me.  God of the extra ordinary, trample the routineness of our lives – the mediocre, the routine.  Rouse us from our sleepy routines in which we just travel through life without living it.  Throw us off course with encounters that smash out lists of things to do.  Encounter us in ways that impact our lives in real ways and cause us to question everything.  Open our eyes and hearts to hearing your message so that our lives are changed.  Amen.

Prayer for August 6

Prayer for August 6: Please pray with me.  Holy One, you sent people out in many ways.  While you send us out, you also draw us in.  You invite us to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom.  But why do you choose us Lord?  How are we equipped enough to do this?  Why us Lord?  But I hear you say, “Child, it’s not that you are equipped enough.  You’ll never know enough or have enough or be enough to do anything I ask you.  Instead, it is that you’ll have to rely on me to get through it.”  You send us out as we are.  You give us what we need to complete the work.  Amen.

Prayer for August 3

Prayer for August 3: Please pray with me.  God who comforts, there are many who are afflicted.  Afflicted by disease, brokenness, financial strain, mental challenges, relationship struggles, and more.  Some are afflicted by others too.  We lift up the afflicted.  Comfort them Lord as you promise you will in Psalm 23.  We also dare to call on you to afflict the comfortable – rouse us from our rest and privilege.  Make us uncomfortable enough to get up and get going.  Make us uncomfortable enough to actually follow you and what you call us to do – not just claim to be a follower of yours.  Claiming such a thing without the follow through is worthless.  Drive us out to live out the life you call us to.  Amen.

Prayer for August 2

Prayer for August 2: Please pray with me. God who ends bondage, break the chains that keep us bound.  Break the chains of others too.  This isn’t just about our salvation, but about so much more.  Without others chains being broken and people being set free, how are we truly free?  You promise a vibrant community of faith Lord.  Set us free from sin, from addictions, from poverty and homelessness.  Set us free from our false identities.  Set us free from anger and fear.  Set us free from false beliefs.  Set us free so that we may experience the fullness of life and proclaim this to others.  Use us as tools that set others free.  Amen.

Prayer for July 31

Prayer for July 31: Please pray with me.  God who encounters us, you come to us over and over again.  You do no rest from pursuing us.  You encounter us.  You do not relent.  That is because you understand that an encounter with you changes our lives.  You encounter us and change us in the encounter.  Help us to do the same with those around us.  Change us from our focus on ourselves to seeing the concerns of those around us.  Change us from the inward focus on ourselves to seeing our interconnectedness with others.  Change us from seeing ourselves as completely separate from others to identifying with those around us – especially those that are trapped in poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence.  Amen.

Prayer for July 25

Prayer for July 25: Please pray with me.  God who is special and unique, we come to you and ask that you open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to your special way of life and living.  All the human-made ideologies, idols, and false gods are not special in any way.  Humanity uses them as validation for the violent nature that we possess – validation for war, control, violence, dehumanization, demean people, and more.  These things are not from you.  Far from it.  You are a God of life, who brings life – even bringing life from that which was dead.  Your way is special.  Give us the strength to walk in your ways and along your paths.  Amen.

Prayer for July 23

Prayer for July 23: Please pray with me.  God of life, you are the way forward.  The world screams and shouts it’s ideologies which are full of lies.  It yells that only the strong will survive and that the ends justify the means.  What a load of bull.  The strong end up dead and what is the point of the ends if it ends in death?  You offer something completely different, something much better – thriving life, resurrected life, transformed life.  Open us to receive your invitation to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom.  Amen.

Prayer for July 20

Prayer for July 20: Please pray with me.  God of forgiveness, we are desperate for your forgiveness.  The world is merciless and unforgiving.  It slams us for our mistakes and failings.  It steps on us for our weaknesses.  It declares that only the strong survive.  That the weak are to perish.  And many buy this line of thinking.   The only problem is that in the end, we are all the weak.  And so we all suffer the consequence.  But you offer a different way – a way of forgiveness, of mercy, of grace.  We are weak.  We are sinners.  We are broken.  Be our strength.  Give us the forgiveness we need.  And send us out to forgive others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 6

Prayer for July 6: Please pray with me.  Holy One that we follow, lead us.  These are difficult times.  Very difficult times, but they are not something new.  Humanity has struggled with these things many times before.  We have had leaders who have are lacking.  We have made arguments that dehumanize.   We have carried out policies that devalue and separate and pit people against one another.  This isn’t new.  It is humanity’s story, over and over again.  Come to us yet again Lord, as you promise to do.  Guide your followers in the way of peace, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love.  Guide our words and actions in ways that participate in the unfolding of your kingdom, not the expansion of the empire that is based on anger and fear.  An empire that seeks to separate and divide.  Lead us Holy God.  Open our ears to hear, clear our eyes to see, cleanse our hearts to love.  Give us wisdom.  Help us to invite people into the kingdom and to wipe the dust from our feet of those insistent on expanding the empire.  We pray for them.   We will continue to love them in spite of their fear and anger of us.  We will continue to prayer for them in spite of their desire to do things a different way.  We will continue to live the way of peace in spite of their calls for violence and arms and war.  We will continue to forgive them in spite of their blame and scapegoating.  This is what it means to follow you.  Give us the strength to follow you, without exception.  Amen.