Prayer for April 7

Prayer for April 7: Please Pray with me.  God of the seasons, we thank you this season.  We thank you for Spring, where new life emerges on the earth in the North.  We thank you for Passover for our Jewish friends, that they can remember how you saved them from the hand of slavery and death.  We thank you for the coming Holy Week for Christians, that we may remember how God comes to us in unexpected ways, to do unexpected things, in unexpected ways, both for us, but also for all of creation.  Amen.

Prayer for March 20

Prayer for March 20: Please pray with me. God of time, today we pray that you would bless this week and all that it holds.  Accompany us as we experience the great joy, deep sorrow, fiery anger, and holy laughter. Be with us as we work, rest, play, and learn.  We thank you for all the individuals that we will meet this week and for the established relationships with others that will grow throughout this week.  Amen.