Prayer for October 6

Prayer for October 6: Please pray with me.  Holy God, you are the one true God.  Yet, so often we turn to idols – those things which we put our trust in.  But really, how ridiculous is that?  All of these things are human made and eventually will fade away.  All these things which we put our hope for the future will disappear and be forgotten.  Yet for some reason we think it makes sense to put our hope and faith in them.  That’s crazy Lord!  But it makes sense if we believe that history started when we were born and will end when we die.  Yet, deep down we know this is not true.  You cut across time and space well before we arrived and will be here well after we die.  And you offer us a promise of hope, a promise of resurrection in a renewed and restored world.  We’d be crazy not to trust this promise, Holy God.  You always keep your promises.  Open our hearts to embrace your promise of hope.  Amen.


Prayer for September 20

Prayer for September 20: Please pray with me.  Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, today we come before you knowing that it is only you know the beginning and ending of all things.  It is only you who know how it all happens.  Help us to let go of having to know how things will turn out.  Loosen our grip on the desire to control our surroundings, our lives, our possessions, and others.  Not knowing is really scary for many people God, but we recognize that when it comes down to it, we know very little.  Help us to embrace uncertainty in life and in so doing, walk in trust of you.  Amen.

Prayer for September 19

Prayer for September 19: Please pray with me.  God of time, today we pray for something unique and different – a new way of seeing time.  Help us to see time not in terms of the linear expression that we all experience – time as our enemy and something that we race against.  Instead, help us to experience time differently – in moments in which we experience your in-breaking into creation.  We claim and proclaim that you are alive and and active – yet so often we feel those are just words.  Break into our routines and lives so that those words become life.  And in so doing, let us be your hands and feet and carry this good news to all we meet so that their lives may be touched by you also.  Amen.

Prayer for September 5

Prayer for September 5: Please pray with me.  God of Sabbath, today we pray for all those who cannot or will not rest.  There is much to do in our culture Lord.  So often we make our work into an idol – yes an idol to be worshiped.  What else can we call it when we devote so much time, energy, and attention to it.  Yes, it is important, but… God, we ask that we would learn how to rest – really rest.  To disconnect, to put the phone down, to leave notifications behind for a time.  To realize that all of these things – the technology and devices – they all exist to serve us, yet so often the reverse seems to be the case.  Open our eyes and hearts to hear your notification – that you call on us to rest so that we can live out our vocation refreshed and ready. And to do it in such a way that we aren’t consumed by it, but rather invigorated and ready.  Amen.

Prayer for August 22

Prayer for August 22: Please pray with me. God who created time, we ask that you bless the time we have here on earth.  Give us the courage to do your will.  Help us to speak out against injustices, to encourage people in their lives, to proclaim Good News, and offer hope.  While we live in the time line of creation, you intersect our lives in time.  You create kairos moments in which you encounter us in our journeys.  Open our eyes to see those kairos moments, open our hearts to hear what you have in store for us, and open ourselves to be ready to respond to these holy moments.  Amen.

Prayer for April 7

Prayer for April 7: Please Pray with me.  God of the seasons, we thank you this season.  We thank you for Spring, where new life emerges on the earth in the North.  We thank you for Passover for our Jewish friends, that they can remember how you saved them from the hand of slavery and death.  We thank you for the coming Holy Week for Christians, that we may remember how God comes to us in unexpected ways, to do unexpected things, in unexpected ways, both for us, but also for all of creation.  Amen.