Prayer for June 13

Prayer for June 13: Please pray with me.  Missional God, you are a God on a mission.  Your church is on a mission – a holy mission.  You set the path before us.  Move us aside when our egos get in the way of this mission.  Change our hearts when we put priority of saving the institution ahead of living the mission.  Open us to seeing how your mission changes lives and changes the world.  Shift us to seeing how the institution of the church exists in order to support your mission.  Amen.


Prayer for June 12

Prayer for June 12: Please pray with me.  God who welcomes people.  Too often we set up barriers and find ways to keep people away – away from you.  Away from each other.  We feel safe and superior when we can make people into “others.”  But if we dig deep enough, we realize that we are an “other” to someone else too.  Why do we spend so much time, energy, effort, and resources to push people away.  This is costly in so many ways.  And it ignores what you call on us to do – to welcome people.  How can we possibly love others when we push them away?  Turn us from building walls of separation, to instead opening pathways to people.  Amen.

Prayer for June 11

Prayer for June 11: Please pray with me.  God who encounters us, help us to be honest.  We are afraid of encountering you.  To often we speak words that say we want to encounter you, but have attitudes like Job – wanting to avoid you because we know how you are.  When you encounter people, their lives are changed for good.  How scary this is for so many though.  It means we are not in control and have never been in control.  Yet we continue to lie to ourselves in thinking that we can control our lives.  Open us to be willing to encounter you and be changed.  Open us to be willing to let go of everything for your sake.  Open us.  Amen.

Prayer for June 6

Prayer for June 6: Please pray with me.  God of life, death, and resurrection – you are a cycle of life.  Why do we proclaim this cycle, yet fear death as if it has the final say?  We feel death is so permanent, yet, we believe in resurrection.  But do we see resurrection in our midst?  Do we have eyes that see you at work in the world?  Do we have eyes that see how you restore?  Life, death, and resurrection isn’t totally about physical life.  It goes way beyond that.  We experience this cycle in our congregations – or we are supposed to.  Open us to recognize what needs to die in our congregations so that resurrection can happen.  Amen.

Prayer for June 5

Prayer for June 5: Please pray with me.  Holy Trinity, you are the perfection of community.  In you we see the ideal – of how we can be in community.  But our experience is far from perfect.  Egos get in the way.  We see others disconnected from ourselves and in competition for limited resources.  We see others who are different from us and see threats.  We fear and are angry.  We question and lack trust of others.  But you offer us a different way.  A vulnerable way.  A way that brings us together.  It’s not some fantasy.  It is the essence of love.  It is the essence of who you are.  Amen.

Prayer for June 4

Prayer for June 4: Please pray with me.  God of mystery, you show up in many ways – often in ways we don’t recognize.  You are a mystery to us, but you reveal yourself to us also.  You desire to encounter us, to embrace us, to grow in relationship with us.  And you are unceasing in this desire.  Open us to seek you out also, to be embraced by you.  To be washed in your love and care.  Amen.

Prayer for May 30

Prayer for May 30: Please pray with me.  God of love, you are love.  You call on us to love in ways that are not easy.  You call on us to love our enemies.  Wow.  That means we have to be honest and admit that we have enemies.  That means we have to change how we see our enemies.  That means we have to face the reality that because of sin and brokenness, we are your enemy.  Yet you love us anyway.  And because you love us, your enemy, we can in turn love our enemies.  We can see their humanity.  We can see how we are connected to our enemies.  We can turn enemies into something else – loved one.  Challenging people, but loved.  Amen.