Prayer for April 3

Prayer for April 3: Please pray with me.  God of the unexpected, what can we say.  You show up in ways we least expect.  Too often we complain and make demands on you.  But how little we really know.  Open our hearts to the ways that you show up.  Open us up to encountering you and having our life changed.  Amen.


Prayer for April 1

Prayer for April 1: Please pray with me.  God of life, you are our life.  Too often we create idols though – things that get in the way of worshiping you.  Why do we create idols?  Why do we desire to be in charge?  Why?  Help us to let go of these things.  Help us to stop manipulating things and misuse them to be a replacement for you.  Whether the idols are political, religious, beliefs, ideas, or other things in our life, help us to see them for what they are – tools.  Amen.

Prayer for March 28

Prayer for March 28: Please pray with me.  God of meaning, you are the one who determines our value and worth.  Where we stand in our lines doesn’t matter to you.  Help us to see that the lines we create are temporary and ultimately pointless.  How many times do we really need to rank people and determine their value?  Each time we do this, we are way off.  You value each one of us the same.  You give us different skills and talents, but our value is the same.  We are your children.  You love us.  Help us to love others as you do.  Amen.

Prayer for March 27

Prayer for March 27: Please pray with me.  God of mercy, hear the cry of the poor, the disabled, the homeless, the elderly, the outcast.  Hear the cry of the weakest of society.  They cry out to you because so few listen.  Our culture prefers the strong at the expense of the weak.  Too often we embrace a theology of Social Darwinism – a belief that only the strong should survive.  This couldn’t be further from what it means to follow you.  You tell us over and over throughout Scripture that you value the poor, you welcome the stranger, you love the outcast.  Change our hearts to welcome those that you welcome. Change our hearts to love and value those that you love and value.  Change our hearts to follow your lead.  Be merciful with us, so that we may show mercy.  Amen.

Prayer for March 26

Prayer for March 26: Please pray with me.  God of forgiveness, we are broken.  We live in a broken world that isn’t satisfied until it shares pain and suffering with everyone.  Too often people jump to insult and anger, fear and wrath.  Too many people have been hurt.  And the hurt spreads.  Put a stop to it.  Give us the courage to release those who insult and attack.  Give us the courage to let go of the pain and suffering that are held over us.  Give us the courage to release it all, so that we may also be released.  Forgiveness is about living in peace.  It is not weakness.  It is radical to a society that lives on retribution and revenge.  Release us from these addictions.  Forgive us when we seek them out.  We are broken and err in our ways too often.  Amen.

Prayer for March 25

Prayer for March 25: Please pray with me.  God who encounters us.  You tell us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, care for the sick, and visit those in prison.  You give us signs and direction.  You give us commands to follow.  So often though, we ignore these.  We come up with excuses for why we can’t do them.  Why?  Destroy our excuses and get us going.  Amen.

Prayer for March 21

Prayer for March 21: Please pray with me.  God of repentance, radically reorient us towards you.  When we are in a state of sin, we turn away from you.  We are broken, please fix us.  We are incapable of doing this ourselves.  Show us the extent of our brokenness and sin so that we can appreciate more fully your forgiveness – so we can see how much you love us.  We seek your forgiveness – to let go of our sin.  You grant it – over and over again.  How amazing!  Thank you.  Amen.