Prayer for October 2, 2019

Prayer for October 2, 2019: Please pray with me.  God of faith.  God of belief.  God of trust.  You are a God who gives us much.  We use words to describe you and what you are like, but these words are lacking and often misunderstood.  You are the Word.  Through your Word, all of creation came into being.  Through your word, people were set free from captivity and healed from sickness.  Through your word, empires were brought low and the lowly were raised up.  Through your word, you bring comfort for the afflicted and affliction to the comfortable.  We have much to learn still.  And most importantly, we hear in your Word that you love us, that you grant us mercy and grace, and that you forgive and reconcile us to you.  Thank you. Amen.


Prayer for September 30, 2019

Prayer for September 30: Please pray with me.  God of justice, hear the cry of the oppressed and exploited.  Hear the cry the outcast.  Answer them with justice and mercy.  Fill our world with your spirit of justice.  Let the words of the prophets be heard today.  Prophets speak words that expose unjust systems, policies, and practices.  Prophets speak words that expose unjust rulers.  Prophets speak words that too many often don’t want to hear because they are words of truth and the truth scares people.  Being confronted with the truth means we have no choice but to change.  Open us to this.  Amen.

Prayer for September 26, 2019

Prayer for September 26: Please pray with me.  God of mercy, come to the aid of those in need.  You have a special place in your heart for the poor and needy.  You raise them up, while society would rather shoo them away.  Open us to being your hands to help those in need.  In reality, we are all needy.  We need your grace and mercy.  We need your forgiveness.  We need your love.  Change our hearts so that when you give us these things, we share them with others.  Amen.

Prayer for September 25, 2019

Prayer for September 25: Please pray with me.  Creator God, you created and continue to create.  You are the all in all.  You are the Α and the Ω – the beginning and the end.  Too often we are rushed and unfocused.  Our minds are scattered by so much.  We listen to other voices who tell us all sorts of things.  Our relationship with you is not what we had hoped for, yet we make no effort to invest in our relationship with you, or spend time with you in prayer and Scripture.  How can such a relationship survive, much less thrive?  Thankfully, you pursue us anyway.  Thank you.  Amen.

Prayer for September 24, 2019

Prayer for September 24, 2019: Please pray with me.  Expansive God, you are amazing.  You expand possibilities beyond what we can understand.  You have a vision that goes beyond what we can see.  You send us on ventures that we don’t even know we are engaged in.  You are a sending God.  You have sent people to unknown places over and over again.  Not just physical journeys.  You send us to unknown places in relationships.  You send us to unknown places with the issues and challenges that we face.  You send us to unknown places in our imagination of what is possible.  You send us to unknown places of the faith that you give us.  Thank you for blowing our preconceived notions to bits.  Amen.

Prayer for September 20, 2019

Prayer for September 20, 2019: Please pray with me.  God of the poor, the outcast, the homeless, hear the cries of those you claim.  Throughout Scripture you claim these as your own.  In Amos you warn those who trample the needy.  You offer what their punishment is.  Come to the aid of the poor and homeless.  Pull them out of the black hole that sucks them in and keeps them in bondage.  Release them.  Amen.

Prayer for September 17, 2019

Prayer for September 17: Please pray with me.  God who creates value and worth, loose our grip on the things that are empty and worthless.  We have made a foolish bargain – that we can love both you and money.  You must be laughing.  Why do we cling to our paper money with numbers written on it?  Why do we grasp for metal objects as if they are oxygen we need to survive?  Why do we bow down and listen to the idol of money that we create?  Release us from this bondage.  Help us to see the world differently.  Open us to a new economics that you have shared with humanity since the beginning.  Amen.