Prayer for July 18

Prayer for July 18: Please pray with me.  Patient God, we have so much to pray for.  We pray for all those who are insistent that they, and only they, are right – right about you, right about others, right about ideas, right about faith, right about creation, right about policy, right about so much.  Being right has to be exhausting Lord.  Give these souls rest from trying to save everyone else because of their “wrong” beliefs about any number of things.  Remind us that you are our salvation and that saving others is your job – not ours.  Help us to see that your ways are not our ways and that we don’t know better than you do in how to order the cosmos.  Amen.


Prayer for March 27

Prayer for March 27: Please pray with me. God who never gives up, today we pray for all those who have given up – given up on trying, given up on family, given up on a job, given up on hope, given up on relationships, given up life.  Send your Spirit to all who have given up, sit with them in their despair, send us to be with those who have given up – not to convince them to keep plugging away or pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  Rather, send us to be present, to listen, to offer a tender touch and a warm word, so that all who have given up know that they are not alone in the world, that they will not be alone, and they we will stay with them in their time of despair.  Amen.

Prayer for February 10

Prayer for February 10: Please pray with me. God of silence, today we thank you for the moments of silence that grace our lives.  We need silence Lord.  There is too much noise, too many distractions, too much talking and not enough listening, too much noise pollution.  All the noise and chattering creates so much anxiety around us.  Help us to be silent more often, to create a space for silence and reflection, a space for pause and calm.  Create in me a silent heart oh Lord, so that I can hear your calling for me.  Amen.

Prayer for January 19

Prayer for January 19: Please pray with me. God who overcomes fear, come to our aid today. There is a great deal of fear in our world today Lord.  We fear change.  We fear government. We fear other nations.  We fear the unknown.  We fear what will be lost.  We fear what will be gained.  We fear death.  Fear grips so many, Holy God.  Loosen it’s ugly grip on us.  Open our eyes to see past the blur of fear to hear you promise for us.  You deliver Good News, help us to hear it.  Help us to see that sometimes fear is not a bad thing.  Give us wisdom to discern this. Amen.

Prayer for January 17

Prayer for January 17: Please pray with me.  God of the frustrated, help us.  There is so much frustration in our world.  We yell out to you Lord about big things – Why do you let evil persist?  We yell out to you Lord about small things – Why won’t this person see it my way?  We are frustrated Lord!  Yet, you never promised smooth sailing in life.  In fact, you promised difficulty.  When we are frustrated, turn us to ask why we are frustrated.  Is it because we aren’t in control?  We aren’t.  Help us to see that.  Amen.