Prayer for May 2

Prayer for May 2: Please pray with me. God who proclaims Good News, today we ask for an abundance of Good News.  There is just too much bad news that surrounds us each day – news that promotes division, hate, war, violence, and us vs. them.  Let your Good News be proclaimed from the roof tops Lord – we are desperate for it.  We need to hear life-giving news, thriving news, loving news, merciful news, peacemaking news, caring news.  Shout out your news for all to hear – from nations all the way to individuals. Amen.

Prayer for April 28

Prayer for April 28: Please pray with me. God of the nations, today we pray for peace. Help leaders to recognize that peace isn’t a destination – something to be obtained if the circumstances work out that way.  No, instead, help leaders and their people, to see that peace is a way of life, decision.  It is not an easy decision, nor any easy road to follow.  There will be plenty opportunities to put peace aside in favor of violence, war, division, revenge, and judgement.  Yet, help us to set those easy paths aside.  They all lead to the same result – death.  Give us the courage to choose peace.  Give leaders wisdom to choose peace for their people.  Radically reorient those who choose a more violent path so that swords may be beaten into ploughshares.  Amen.

Prayer for March 30

Prayer for March 30: Please pray with me. God of silence, today we thank you for moments of silence where noise is put away.  So many in our culture fear silence, yet so often it is in silence that we can recognize your voice. Give us the courage to embrace silence, give us pause when we try to fill the void with noise or motion.  Silence our minds and hearts so that we may be open to hearing you call us and to knowing how much you love us.  Silence our excuses so that we might hear how you call us to serve.  Help us to be silence for others so that they have room to know they are loved.  Amen.