Prayer for May 29

Prayer for May 29: Please pray with me.  Holy Word, dwell with us.  Your words are holy.  You speak to us in many ways – through Scripture, through holy men and women, in ways we can’t imagine.  Your word is a word of life for us.  Often your word is a mirror that is put in our face – forcing us to see ourselves for who we really are.  Often your word is a mirror that reflects the world around us – forcing us to see it for what it really is.  Prod us into holy conversations – conversations that we would really rather not have.  Prod us into holy conversations that deal with uncomfortable challenges that we face individually, as congregations, and as a nation.  Bring together those who are open to the conversation – to talking and listening.  Open our hearts and our ears to hear your word in our midst and how it is expressed to different people.  Help us to see that the other is connected to us.  Help us to understand that we are to love our enemy because they are no different than a brother or sister to us.  We are connected to them.  Amen.


Prayer for May 28

Prayer for May 28: Please pray with me.  God of refuge, today we pray for all who see refuge.  We pray for refugees who flee violence and persecution.  Give them safety for themselves and their families and loved ones.  We pray for those who flee political persecution.  Give them freedom in their society to speak their mind.  We pray for those who flee religious persecution.  Give the comfort and strength to worship you.  We pray for those who flee abuse in all its forms.  Give them healing.  We pray for those who are hunted down for any reason.  Remind them that they are not animals.  They are humans with eternal worth.  Oh God of refuge, have mercy on those who cause us to flee.  Encounter them and transform them.  Amen.

Prayer for May 24

Prayer for May 24: Please pray with me.  God of hope, shed light on us.  The world wants to throw shade on us.  Evil is relentless – a hard task master that is never satisfied.  There is never enough for evil.  But our rest comes when we find our rest in you.  Your ways are a light yoke compared to the ways of the world.  It is easy to feel like we are drowning in a sea of fear and anger.  Yet your ways are far different than the world’s.  Your ways are subversive, visionary, and expansive.  We get glimpses of your kingdom.  But we want more.  We need more Lord – or so we shout out to you.  You know what we need.  You give us what we need.  Send us hope.  Send us love.  And send us out.  Amen.

Prayer for May 23

Prayer for May 23: Please pray with me.  God of courage, give us the courage to carry out your call for our lives.  Give us what we need to live as your disciples – doing what you tell us to actually do.  Give us the courage to reject violence in all its forms.  Give us the courage to set aside anger and fear.  Give us the courage to embrace the other as we would a family member.  Give us the courage to let go of control over our lives and others.  Give us the courage to see how we make money into an idol that we worship and listen to in order to make decisions – rather than you.  Give us the courage to follow you.  Amen.

Prayer for May 22

Prayer for May 22: Please pray with me.  Subversive God, you lay a foundation for an alternate vision of the world.  You are a subversive God.  You are a visionary God.  You are a God who continues to expand your reign over creation.  And you do things and include people the world wants to exclude.  While we want to control and exclude, you continue to invite and celebrate.  Thank you.  Every one of us should be grateful for this because we are, have been, will be, on the outside looking in in our lives.  But with you and your subversive ways – we are brought in to your loving embrace.  Amen.

Prayer for May 21

Prayer for May 21: Please pray with me.  God who shows your favor on the outcast and poor – you are a generous God.  Far more generous than we can imagine.  You call on us to care for the poor and the outcast – to welcome the stranger.  Move us from fear of the other to seeing how connected we are to others.  Help us to see that our salvation is wrapped up in their salvation too.  You are a God of community, not just individuals.  You are a God who seeks the restoration of the whole of creation, not just humans.  When you call to us, give us ears to hear and hearts to respond.  Give us the courage to move forward in directions you take us.  Amen.

Prayer for May 20

Prayer for May 20: Please pray with me.  God of life, we humble ourselves before you.  What else are we to do Lord?  Life is complicated and messy.  Too often we are faced with decisions that have no good or obvious options.  Yet, we must go forward.  Forgive us when we make bad decisions.  Forgive us when we make decisions that cost lives.  Difficult decisions suck.  They scar us and scare us.  Thankfully, we stand beside us – to comfort us in our consequences, to call us to repentance when it is needed.  You forgive us, even though we don’t deserve it.  You love us.  We do nothing to earn your love.  Thank you.  Amen.