Prayer for November 30

Prayer for November 30: Please pray with me.  God of the outcasts and the outliers.  God of the oppressed and violated.  Today we lift up those who are victims of sexual crimes.  Their very humanity has been violated in unimaginable ways.  They suffer and cry to you oh Lord.  Where is the justice?  Yet, the truth shall come out.  Walk with victims of these crimes.  Give them the comfort they need.  Give them the justice they deserve.  Give them the restoration of their body.  Give them peace to go forward.  We place the perpetrators in your hands too Lord.  Let your will be done.  Amen.


Prayer for November 29

Prayer for November 29: Please pray with me.  Generous God, you give so much.  You gave creation life.  You give us life.  You give the laws of nature that keep everything in order.  You give mercy and grace.  You give forgiveness.  You give yourself.  Help us to follow your ways God.  Turn us from wanting more to giving more.  Giving of ourselves, our time, our talents, and our treasure.  It’s all yours anyway.  In our giving, let us be instruments of your will.  Amen.

Prayer for November 28

Prayer for November 28: Please pray with me.  Holy God, the one who we belong to, forgive us when we wrap our identity into anything other than you.  Forgive our small mindedness, when we define who we are based on human made things that will not last.  Forgive us when we swear our allegiance to things that divide and separate, rather than bring us closer together.  Forgive us when we pursue trivial things that blind us from seeing the humanity of the other.  Forgive us when being right becomes most important.  Radically reorient us and send your Spirit, Lord.  Take the blinders off our eyes that we put over them.  Open and clear our eyes to see that our identity comes from you, and only you.  Open our minds to know that it is in you alone that salvation resides.  Amen.

Prayer for November 17

Prayer for November 17: Please pray with me.  God of abundance, today we ask that you touch out lives in ways that show your abundance to us.  Turn our hearts to be open to the abundant love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness you give to us.  Open our arms to receive the blessings of life you give to us each day.  In receiving all things, remind us that it is you who give these to us and you call on us to go out and use these blessings to expand your kingdom.  How truly blessed are we that you invite us to participate in the unfolding of your kingdom.  How truly blessed are we that you call on us, broken as we are, to respond to what you have given us first, by going out to give these same blessings to others.  Thank you God.  Amen.

Prayer for November 16

Prayer for November 16: Please pray with me.  God of abundance, today we ask that you open our hearts to seeing all the abundance that you have throughout creation.  There is more than enough of everything that is needed Lord.  Yet, so often, we doubt.  We doubt that there is enough.  Ultimately, we doubt that you know what you are doing.  Forgive us of our doubt Lord, we are limited creatures.  Fill our hearts with abundance that overflows so that we can touch others with abundance too.  Amen.

Prayer for November 15

Prayer for November 15: Please pray with me.  God who comes to creation over and over, keep coming Lord.  We are a bit slow on the learning curve God.  You make a promise and keep it, and then we break our end of the bargain.  And yet, you keep coming after us.  Not to come and smite us because you are ticked off.  Rather, you keep pursuing us over and over again because of your great love for us and all of creation.  Thank you.  We can’t even begin to comprehend this.  All we can say is thank you.  And that’s all that is needed.  Amen.

Prayer for November 14

Prayer for November 14: Please pray with me.  God of language, who is the Word, we lift up those who need a word of Good News in their lives.  We ask for a blessing for all who proclaim your Good News in places and with people who live in darkness in the world.  Be a word of grace, mercy, and forgiveness to people who rarely experience these gifts.  The world can be merciless and unforgiving, yet you offer an alternative Lord.  Help the hearers of this Word to be open to hearing it for what it is – an invitation to restored relationship with you.  Amen.