Prayer for July 26

Prayer for July 26: Please pray with me.  God who gives us ears to hear and eyes to see, open us to see what is going on.  We are a people inclined to worship.  You made us that way.  Yet, too often this natural inclination is skewed and warped.  We certainly worship – but the object of our worship is not you.  Instead we end up worshiping our stuff, our beliefs, and other people.  We look to politicians and parties for the creeds that we are to adopt.  We look to entertainment and celebrities for how we are to live and love.  We look to sports and war for how we are to interact.  We look to social media for what we are to think about others.  But too often we refuse to open your Word and we have plenty of excuses as to why we can’t or won’t.  Forgive us Lord.  We clearly don’t know what we are doing.  You have the words of eternal life.  You offer us much.  Turn us towards you.  Clear our vision and unclog our ears so that we can have eyes that see and ears that hear.  Amen.


Prayer for July 25

Prayer for July 25: Please pray with me.  God who prepares a place for us, you are a God of home.  You make a home for us – not a home that keeps us apart from people, but a home full of community and love.  You prepare a place for us and call us to come home to you.  You are a God of hospitality – way beyond our understanding of hospitality.  Hospitality isn’t a transaction that happens at a hotel.  It isn’t even inviting a dear friend into our homes.  It is those things of course, but when it comes to God’s hospitality, it is far deeper.  Hospitality touches on our very core – you made us in your image and likeness.  Help us to live into that image and likeness in how we show hospitality to others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 24

Prayer for July 24: Please pray with me.  God who is present, you make yourself known in many ways.  As your followers, you call us out of private piety and into public witness – to make your message known to the nations.  You tell us through Scripture that faith is not just a private matter – that it has an impact on the world.  When we gather to worship, we do so in community, publicly.  When we witness to what it means to love, to show mercy, to move towards peace, we do so publicly.  What is the point of a private faith that has no public impact?  Send us out publicly Lord.  Send us out in faith.  Amen.

Prayer for July 23

Prayer for July 23: Please pray with me.  God who sends people, strengthen us for the journey ahead.  You send us out with a message. A message of hope, love, mercy.  You send us with a message of hospitality.  You send us with a message the world needs to hear – a saving message.  The world sends people also, with a different message.  A message to inform people they are not wanted or valued.  A message of fear, of anger, of violence.  Send us out to those who have been sent away.  Give us the words of eternal life to proclaim to the masses.  Send us out to.  Amen.

Prayer for July 19

Prayer for July 19: Please pray with me.  God who gives us value, remind us that our value comes from you.  You made us in your image and because of that, we have value and worth.  So many have trouble seeing your image in themselves.  So many have had their vision blurred by others who devalue them through their words and actions.  But open our eyes and our hearts to see the value you place on each of us, and on others.  Amen.

Prayer for July 18

Prayer for July 18: Please pray with me.  God of the simple and the complex, you call us into community to worship you.  And that’s easy, and complicated.  The act itself is easy, but because people are involved, it gets complicated.  Forgive us when we focus on things that really don’t matter.  Lighten us up.  Loosen our grasp on trying to control you and others.  Help us to keep faith simple.  Help us to live it out.  Amen.

Prayer for July 16

Prayer for July 16: Please pray with me.  God of the stranger, the foreigner, the immigrant, the outcast, the poor, turn us.  Over and over and over throughout Scripture you tell us to treat each of these with justice and care.  You tell us over and over and over again that you defend these precious ones.  But our hearts are hard.  We make excuses as to why we can turn away the stranger, push away the outcast, exploit and oppress the poor.  Forgive us.  Turn us.  Make us realize that it is sin that makes us a stranger to you, an outcast in your presence, poor in your sight.  Yet, in spite of what we deserve according to the Law, you treat us with grace and mercy.  Let us go and do likewise to others – to be merciful as you are merciful to us, to be graceful as you have provided us with grace.  Amen.