Prayer for October 8

Prayer for October 8: Please pray with me.  God of love, we are in desperate need of love.  We hear your word of love freely given to us, yet we expect others to earn it.  We are broken.  How difficult it is to receive grace freely given.  We have a difficult time with this.  We would much rather earn your love.  Then at least we could claim that we did something, that we had some control over your love.  But it is not possible for us to do that.  Open us to receive love and in so doing, to offer love without strings attached to others – especially our enemies.  Help us to see that they will stay enemies as long as we withhold love for them.  Give us the courage to love, regardless of the response it receives.  It is only through love that the world will change.  Use us to spread your love Lord.  Amen.


Prayer for October 5

Prayer for October 5: Please pray with me.  God of salvation, you offer something that no one else can possibly do – to save us.  Yet, how often do we make idols out of our own abilities to save us?  How often do we make idols out of our politicians and believe they can save us or the nation?  How often do we make idols out of our money and believe it can save us?  How often do we make idols out of everything else in exchange for the lie that salvation is within our grasp?  Forgive us for these idols.  Forgive us for placing our faith in things we create.  We are the created and you are the creator.  Our faith is in you Lord.  You have the words of eternal life.  There is no where else to go.  Amen.

Prayer for October 3

Prayer for October 3: Please pray with me.  God of peace, you call on us to be peacemakers, not just peace experiencers.  Yes, we need your peace!  That is the understatement of the history.  We are a people who lean towards division and violence to “solve” our problems.  Yet, in the history of humanity, those ways just don’t work.  We yearn for peace, but aren’t willing to try it in the thick of anxiety and stress.  We put it aside as foolishness and instead go with the wisdom of the world which ends up costing lives and destroying so much.  Send us out to be peacemakers – to insert peace where peace is not known.  To risk being peacemakers in the midst of conflict and strife.  To risk being peacemakers in the midst of war.  To risk being peacemakers so that we know what true peace is.  Give us the courage to be peacemakers.  Amen.

Prayer for September 28

Prayer for September 28: Please pray with me.  God of mercy, come to our aid.  We live in a time of many excuses.  We rationalize away bad behavior that destroys people’s lives, including our own.  We want to shrink away from the responsibility.  Yet, you call us to uncomfortable lives.  What is more uncomfortable than confession Lord.  We are all broken – every single one of us.  We have all screwed up.  And we all run from facing that reality.  Gently humble us to confess and seek forgiveness and reconciliation.  Confession is not easy.  But it is a first step to knowing that we need you.  Amen.

Prayer for September 27

Prayer for September 27: Please pray with me.  God who we follow, you call to us and we respond.  Although…do we?  Or do we practice selective following – following when we want to.  Lord, forgive us when we think following you is something that we can pick and choose from.  You call us to be all in, not grazing from a cafeteria.  Shake us.  Change our direction.  Open our eyes to see that following you is a full person commitment – not half-hearted.  You want to whole us, not the leftovers.  Shape us into your followers.  And send us out to serve, to proclaim, to love. Amen.

Prayer for September 26

Prayer for September 26: Please pray with me.  God who is ever the same, yet always changing, come to us.  We desperately want to maintain the status quo – to give us the appearance that we are in control.  Except we aren’t.  We are foolish to believe that we can control things.  Open our hearts and minds to know this truth so we don’t suffer as a result.  Open our arms to embrace the constant change of life.  Open us to embrace you.  If we are not in control, then we need you Lord.  We fool ourselves when we think we can control things – we also brush you aside when we think we are in control.  Forgive us.  Reorient us towards you.  Amen.