Prayer for December 18

Prayer for December 18: Please pray with me. God of the oppressed, yesterday we read from the prophet Isaiah that you bring good news to the oppressed, that you bind up the brokenhearted, that you proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners.  Lord, there are a group of people who desperately need this – those that suffer from domestic violence and abuse.  They feel like prisoners in their own homes, captives at the mercy of mad people, brokenhearted because of the violence caused to them by ones they supposedly love, oppressed and out of control.  Walk with them and accompany them.  More than that – free them from their captivity and imprisonment in pain and suffering.  Move within us to do something, anything, when we come across people who are abused.  Keep our eyes open and don’t allow us to turn away – let us be a channel of communication with the abused to know that they are cared for and are not alone.  Change the hearts of those that would abuse someone else.  Open their eyes to seeing that their lives will not improve by trying to control someone else – they will only bring misery and pain to others and eventually to themselves.  If their hearts remain cold and frozen, move them – move them physically away from their victims so they can’t cause more harm.  Open the doors of their homes and let them leave.  Free them from their own captivity to violence, anger, shame, addiction, wrath, and being lost.  Amen.

Prayer for September 18

Prayer for September 18: Please pray with me. God of all, today we pray for people who abuse their power over others.  Manipulation, abuse, and exploitation are sins that still infect humanity.  We place into your hands those who use these means to get what they want from others.  Open their eyes to seeing how they hurt others.  Open their hearts to repentence.  We also pray for all who have been hurt by these people.  Cradle them in your arms Lord and care for them.  Show them that they do not walk alone.  Help us to have the courage to stand up for those who have been hurt by manipulators, abusers, and exploiters so that others may not be hurt.  Amen.

Prayer for December 1

Prayer for December 1: Please pray with me. God who doesn’t forget, today we pray for all those who are plagued with memories that haunt them – memories of abuse, of loss, of pain, of suffering, of insult, of demeaning, of dehumanization, of fights, of war.  Memories are a part of who we are Lord, and they remind us that we aren’t perfect, and neither are others.  Help us to turn our painful memories into something useful – something that would help us to answer our call to serve, to comfort, to accompany others in their pain and suffering.  Amen.

Prayer for April 14

Prayer for April 14: Please pray with me. God who comforts, today we pray for victims of abuse.  So many have fallen prey, even to those we assumed were shepherds of people – supposed to be protecting them.  We cry with these victims, but can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering they live with.  Lord, grant victims peace, give them courage to speak up, walk with them so they feel your presence, and we beg that you give them safety from further abuse.  Give strength and a listening ear to those that work with victims of abuse.  We also pray for those who have committed abuse on others.  Touch their hearts that they would turn from evil, stop what they are doing and seek help.  Amen.