Prayer for March 9

Prayer for March 9: Please pray with me.  God of creation, today we lift up those battling addiction. Addictions are dangerous and destructive Lord.  You know this.  Be with all who face addictions – to triumph over them one day at a time.  And for those who fall over and over again.  Let your love shine through their life so they know they are not alone.  Guide their steps and kick their butts too.  You love people so much that you are willing to make people uncomfortable so that they will get the help they need.  Help us to do the same with those struggling with addictions.  Tough love is not easy for so many people – we’d rather take away the pain.  But sometimes the pain and uncomfortableness are exactly what is needed in order for there to be a change in attitude, habit, and behavior.  Strengthen us to be the thorn in the side of a loved one who is struggling with addiction.  And in the process, let our actions and words be tempered by love, just as you love us.  Amen.

Prayer for October 14

Prayer for October 14: Please pray with me. Empowering God, today we come to you in humility.  Help us to see that the purpose of power is not to grab it, hoard it, and keep others away with it.  Rather, cleanse us of the addition to power over people, institutions, animals, and the rest of creation.  You made us for so much more than that.  Help those of us who have some level of power to use it as you call us to – to empower those around us and in so doing that we may all recognize that we are all children of God.  Amen.