Prayer for January 25

Prayer for January 25: Please pray with me.  God who claims us, come and claim us today.  We swear our allegiance to many things Holy One.  We claim allegiance to nation, party, people, ideas, brands, teams, work, family, friends, and more.  But is our allegiance to you just another item on the list?  Or is it something more – the foundation that guides all else?  We don’t live in an either/or world Lord – we live in a world that is on a continuum.  And our allegiances are along that continuum.  Where does our allegiance to you lie on that line?  Let our allegiance to you go beyond mere words to changing our hearts and minds and in so doing changing our actions.  Let us live out what it means to follow you.  Amen.

Prayer for January 3

Prayer for January 3: Please pray with me.  Patient God, when will we learn?  How many times will we mess this up?  We claim to be your followers, yet we swear our allegiance to so many other things and put these things before you.  We claim that you are our God, yet so often we follow the wishes of idols.  We claim that you are the who forms our beliefs, yet so often our set of beliefs are nothing more than platform statements of the political party we swear allegiance to.  Yet, all these things will pass and fade with time.  They will be forgotten to history.  And then what?  What will remain?  Only you.  How patient you are Eternal One.  How patient you are with us.  Radically reorient us to follow your Word and ways of life.  To embrace forgiveness, peace, love, grace, and joy.  Embody these things within us and make us so uncomfortable that we actually change.  Sometimes our comfortable lives and ways lead us to our downfall.  Raise us up in uncomfortableness God.  Amen.

Prayer for December 11

Prayer for December 11: Please pray with me.  God of the lost, today we pray for all who feel lost.  We pray for all those who are confused.  We pray for all who feel the world is upside down.  You tell us that our salvation is in you, yet so many of your followers dismiss this in favor of putting their salvation in so many other things – politicians, political parties, nations, weapons, ideologies, work, exercise, drugs, alcohol, sex, entertainment, and more.  How long oh Lord?  Why does this persist?  What is it about humanity and our stubbornness in rejecting you?  Why do we reject what you tell us – what you promise us?  What could we possibly replace you and all that you offer with?  something human-made?  A mere mortal?  All these things will fade away with a whimper or worse – a wail of regret.  Yet, so many put their hope in what is mere dust.  Where does our allegiance lie, Oh Lord?  Our allegiance is in you.  Yet, that seems so hard for so many – even those that call themselves your followers.  Help us to look past this Holy One.  Do not let us become disheartened.  Where else could we possibly go?  You have the words of eternal life.  Thanks be to God.  Amen.