Prayer for April 6

Prayer for April 6: Please Pray with me. God of healing, today we raise up people and things that need healing.  So often we recognize the people who need healing, but there are so many others that need healing too.  Heal those pets in our lives that need your loving embrace.  Heal the plants that have had a rough Spring in the North.  Heal our stuff that we rely on to carry out your call for our lives.  Amen.

Prayer for October 12

Prayer for October 12: Please pray with me. God of creation, today we ask that you bless all animals especially our pets.  We thank you for these companions who in many ways are family members.  We thank you for the many ways that these creatures showcase aspects of you God.  We thank you for the unconditional love of dogs, the affection of cats, the songs of birds, and the uniqueness of so many other creatures.  Help us to be good stewards of these creatures and help us to learn from them as well.  Amen.