Prayer for August 2

Prayer for August 2: Please pray with me. Holy God, you capture our attention in wild ways.  You don’t need click bait to turn us to you.  Instead, you come to us, invite us into something deeper, more nourishing, than any product ever could – thriving life.  you open your arms to embrace us, yet so often we are looking for the next big thing that will satisfy our curiosity and addictions.  Oh how we miss the mark Lord.  Whisper in our ear that you satisfy the hungry heart.  Help us to see that there is nothing else that can satisfy us except you.  Amen.

Prayer for November 23

Prayer for November 23: Please pray with me. Reconciling God, today we pray a difficult prayer.  We pray for our enemies.  We don’t pray for their defeat and destruction.  Rather we pray that there would be a change of heart – for both them and us.  Help them and us to see the humanity of each other.  Help them and us to see that violence and anger and division lead to death.  You have a different way Lord, a difficult way.  Make both them and us unsatisfied in our judgements of each other.  Turn us from seeking out what is the worst for one another.  Help us to see that our most serious enemy is not anyone out there, no them at all, but rather, the enemy within that wants to claim control over our lives.  Help us to see that our real enemy is the sin, the broken relationship with God and with others, the smug attitudes we cling to, the desire to be right no matter the cost, the excessive pride, the destructive envy, the lust for power and attention.  Teach us to follow your example – to love our enemies in a most vulnerable way.  Amen.