Prayer for April 25

Prayer for April 25: Please pray with me. God of beauty, today we lift up beauty.  So often we see ourselves and don’t think we are looking at beauty.  Help those who can’t see the beauty that God gave them.  Help them to see what others see.  Help them to let go of false images of beauty.  Help us to stop judging others based only on their outer appearance.  Beauty is far more than just what is on our skin.  It goes to the very heart of a person.  Amen.

Prayer for August 24

Prayer for August 24: Please pray with me. God who made us, today we pray that we would open our hearts to something new – a new way of seeing people.  Help us to move past just looking at people exterior but seeing people as you see them.  Help us to move away from judging, objectifying, and worse.  Move us instead to seeing the beauty you instill in all people.  Sometimes that beauty gets eclipsed by the darkness of sin.  Let us be willing to forgive and walk with people.  Help us to seek forgiveness when we have been the one who is in the wrong.  Radically reorient us to be your children God. Amen.