Prayer for August 11

Prayer for August 11: Please pray with me. God who shows up in the midst of tumult and chaos, boy do we need you.  Our world is crazy, yet the crazy thing is we think this is new.  Chaos has been the norm for so long, yet we forget that it is normal.  We often feel like we are like the disciples being tossed about in the boat and fear everything around us.  And in that fear we erect walls and ways to keep the chaos and others away.  But they never work.  Isolation is never the answer.  If it was, Peter would have drowned.  But then you show up Lord and bam, something even crazier happens – grace.  you give us exactly what we don’t deserve – a hand reaching out to us and saving us.  Thank you.   Amen.


Prayer for April 20

Prayer for April 20:  Please pray with me. God who brings order out of chaos, today we pray for all of us who feel that the world is in complete chaos and shout to the Lord a prayer of exasperation – “what the hell is going on?”  We aren’t looking for answers as much as we desire to feel your presence.  You are an incarnate God – a God with us.  Help us to see you walking with us on our journey today, knowing that we are not alone.  Knowing that you give us exactly what we need to make it through the day.  Amen.

Prayer for April 11

Prayer for April 11:  Please pray with me.  God who brought order out of chaos, today we come to you with the chaos in our lives and those around us – our relationships, our jobs, our homes, our families.  We come with heavy burdens trying to make sense of the world around us.  We are exhausted, even as we begin a new week.  In our weakness, help us to see your strength and rely upon it.  Stop us in the midst of chaos so that we don’t get sucked into the black holes that draw our attention and energy.  Help us to hear your small, still voice in the midst of noise and distraction that would keep us separated from you.  Today we ask for connection – to you Lord.  Amen.