Prayer for November 7

Prayer for November 7: Please pray with me. God of the unexpected, today we pray that you take our expectations for your kingdom and you shake them to their core.  If we have become comfortable with the label of child of God, shake us out of our slumber.  If we fear the label, calm our fears.  Lord, we ask that you instill in us faith so that we can respond in trust – trust that what you say is true, trust that your kingdom is unfolding.  For too long we have held expectations about you and what you do in the world that are rather small.  Yet, you are the creator of everything.  Radically reorient our expectations Holy One to expect amazing things.  You are not the God of mediocrity, but rather the God of amazingness.  Encounter us, as you have encountered creation before, and raise our expectations high.  And in so raising our expectations, call us to go out to proclaim boldly your Good News and that you are alive and active – that you are renewing creation and restoring broken relationships.  May we expect to have our lives touched in amazing ways.  And in so doing, let us being your hands that touch others’ lives.  May we expect that your Word would be life for us.  And in so doing, use our mouths and our fingers to be your Word to a world infatuated with death and brokenness.  Do the unexpected God – be amazing.  Amen.


Prayer for December 12

Prayer for December 12: Please pray with me.  God of warmth, today we pray for all people who lack warmth in their lives.  Help us to be better stewards of the resources you give us.  Help us to ensure that all people are not left out in the cold, but rather feel the warmth of love, of being noticed, of being clothed, of being fed, of being cared for, of being listened to, of being treated as human and a Child of God.  Warmth isn’t just a physical sensation Lord, help us to move beyond just caring for the bodies of people, to caring for the whole person.  Help us also to recognize that we also receive care from those we serve too.  Let us be open to receiving the warmth that these people have and desire to give.  Amen.