Prayer for December 20

Prayer for December 20: Please pray with me.  Ageless God, today we lift up our youth.  Youth is such a precious thing – something we don’t appreciate until after it is over usually.  Be with our youth, in their struggles and victories.  It’s not easy to figure out one’s place in the world.  Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  So often we fumble our way through our early years.  If we are fortunate, we have parents who assist us along the way.  We pray for all who did not benefit from a loving and caring home.  Give youth the courage to try and fail and figure out what’s what.  Give youth the patience and persistence they need to keep going without knowing.  Thank you for our youth, Lord.  Amen.


Prayer for November 29

Prayer for November 29: Please pray with me.  Generous God, you give so much.  You gave creation life.  You give us life.  You give the laws of nature that keep everything in order.  You give mercy and grace.  You give forgiveness.  You give yourself.  Help us to follow your ways God.  Turn us from wanting more to giving more.  Giving of ourselves, our time, our talents, and our treasure.  It’s all yours anyway.  In our giving, let us be instruments of your will.  Amen.